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What our guests are saying

We had a wonderful time with Erik and Hannah! They made us feel very comfortable, their food was amazing, and of course happy hour was on point. Our only negative was that we didn't have enough time! :) Thank you again!


-Molly, Brian, & Abigail (March 2024)

We couldn't have had a more luxurious trip - food, itinerary, sailing and local lore generously shared. We felt relaxed, engaged, and learned so much about new places in the Exumas. Erick and Hannah made us feel so welcome. They were terrific hosts, cooks, tour guides and excellent sailing captains. Bravo!

-Margaret (Feb 2024)

Our sailing charter experience aboard the Bonnie Lynn in the Bahamas was extraordinary. Hannah and Erick's attention to detail ensured that every aspect of our adventure was well planned, yet flexible to accommodate our preferences. The anchorages they selected showcased the beauty of the Exuma Islands and provided access to all sorts of daytime and evening activities. The trip was a perfect balance between relaxation and excitement. Whether we were exploring secluded beaches, hiking uninhabited islands, swimming or snorkeling, each day was filled with new and fun experiences and unforgettable memories. From the comfortable accommodations to the abundance of food and delicious meals we were served, our time aboard the Bonnie Lynn surpassed all expectations, thanks to the exceptional hospitality of Hannah and Erick. We cannot recommend this sailing charter enough and eagerly anticipate our next adventure with them in the future.

Spending time with “the crew” Hannah & Erick, was truly a pleasure. Their hospitality and attentiveness to our safety and our every need created a welcoming atmosphere that made us feel relaxed and at home throughout our journey. Their extensive knowledge of the local culture, wildlife, and history added an informative and enriching element to our travels. And whether we were under sail, motoring, or selecting an anchorage, Erick and Hannah’s skill and competence captaining Bonnie Lynn were on full display and truly impressive. We were in very capable hands.

Daytime was filled with an array of wonderful adventures. Each day was a different experience but every day left us in awe of the natural beauty surrounding us. Wandering pristine beaches, discovering hidden coves, hiking uninhabited islands of the national parks, snorkeling and swimming in the crystal-clear waters, motoring in the dinghy through rivers that wind within the islands we saw iguanas, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks (nurse shark -harmless) and barracuda. Getting up close and with the marine life was an experience we won’t forget. Under sail aboard the Bonnie Lynn was fun and exciting. With Erick and Hannah at the helm, we got to watch and, at times, participate in setting the sails as we glided effortlessly through the beautiful turquoise waters of the Bahamas. Erick and Hannah’s expertise and knowledge of the area adding an extra layer of enjoyment to our voyage, as they shared fascinating insights into the history and ecology of the region.

The food situation aboard the Bonnie Lynn during our sailing trip was incredible/exceptional. Every morning when we woke and went on deck, freshly brewed coffee and teas awaited us accompanied by one of Hannah’s delicious baked goods: muffins rum cake, orange olive oil cake and bagels (yes bagels!) all baked on board. We called this pre-breakfast. Because shortly afterwards we we served breakfast, French toast, eggs, (Hannah’s freshly baked bread). You get the idea. Lunch each day was more of the same. Salads of lobster, quinoa, pasta, fresh fruit, wine beer. Evening time (or late afternoon) was happy hour! Along with snacks we were presented with a variety of rum concoctions some classic cocktails and others conjured by the crew. Then there came wine and dinner. Each night we were served delicious meals, fresh from the sea, expertly prepared by Erick: pasta with conch, lobster tails, grouper, snapper. Hard to believe that all of this wonderful food could come from the galley of the Bonnie Lynn. This testament to Hannah and Erick’s creativity, skill, and the love of food. And we were the beneficiaries! One last comment about the dining situation: we enjoyed all of our eating and drinking while dining on the deck of Bonnie Lynn with 360 degree views that could not be more beautiful.

The Bonnie Lynn is a beautiful, spacious, meticulously maintained boat. The accommodations on board were wonderful. Whether you’re seated below deck at the dining table or on the sofa, or lounging above deck under the canopy out of direct sun or sunning yourself in one of the deck chairs, the spaces aboard Bonnie Lynn are designed for with comfort in mind. Our sleeping quarters were private and comfortable. We had our own private bathroom which afforded us privacy and convenience. This was truly a luxurious environment for our adventure at sea. Thank you again to Hannah and Erick. Because of your care, skill, knowledge and competence our Bahamas charter exceeded all expectations and left us with memories to last a lifetime.

-Steve & Elizabeth (Jan 2024)

We had the most extraordinary experience on board the Bonnie Lynn, hands down the most beautiful sailboat on the sea!! Captains Hannah and Erick are remarkably gifted and competent sailors, chefs, adventurers, trip planners, fun makers and hosts and they have given great consideration to every aspect of being on board. Our eyes and tummies were treated to a veritable feast….delicious, imaginative, creative and gourmet meals, tailored to our preferences, and beautifully presented. Hannah baked scrumptious treats daily from homemade bagels,/bread/muffins to sumptuous dessert treats. Every day we were presented with a host of options of excursions, snorkeling (Erick is an excellent instructor), beach time, exploring or just relaxing on board with a good book. They were wonderful teachers and we could get involved in the sailing process or just chill and watch the magic of setting a schooner on course. The visual experience is off the chart: in all our travels, we have never seen more stunning water in every shade of blue, magnificent sun rises and sun sets, giant moonrises in velvet skies with sparkling stars. Most of our experiences could only be accessed from the water so chartering the Bonnie Lynn gave us entree to natural wonders. One day was more magical than the next and we couldn’t be more thankful to Hannah, Erick and the Bonnie Lynn for joy they provided. IF YOU LOVE THE WATER, DO NOT MISS THIS EXPERIENCE!!!

-Nikki (Jan 2024)

Hannah and Capt Erick were incredibly professional. My husband and I were very pleased with their handling of literally everything for our 50th anniversary trip to the Exumas. They were extremely competent and in a situation where we gave them responsibility for our safety and well being, we trusted them completely.

The pre trip communication was awesome. I knew what to expect and the accommodation of my needs (and knees) was great. Hannah and Erick learned about us sufficiently to plan a trip that we never could have done on our own, at this stage of our lives.

Flying into Staniel Key was reasonably easy logistics wise. Our anchorages in the Exumas were beautiful and well selected.Accommodations aboard were comfortable and spacious.

The pace of the trip was great. We didn’t feel pushed, but Erick and Hannah seemed to get it all in, because we did want to do it all. Erick taught me to snorkel; we kayaked; we had a lovely picnic on the beach and champagne with iguanas. We explored the islands and we relaxed. They were wonderful planners.

What can we say about the food except that it was amazing. The conch, the grouper fingers, the lobster, the mahi-mahi. The coconut macaroons were fantastic as was the coconut cream pudding. All suited to my gluten free dairy free pescatarian diet. Wonderful breakfasts. The quality and quantity were a 7, not a 5. I’ll look at my pictures and remember all the delights! Sadly, my pictures wouldn’t upload for this review.

Thank you for a wonderful 50th anniversary trip!

-Vera (April 2023)

Five stars on all of the above!!! You both have such a natural way with people. I felt cared for and your experience and knowledge of the area really made an impact on our overall experience You had a nice way of being "there" and engaging yet also giving us space to be quiet and enjoy the surroundings

-Catherine (March 2023)

This was our first trip to the Exumas and we had a simply marvelous time. Erick and Hannah were so generous with their time and were never too busy to answer our questions or to explain procedures in detail. They were very knowledgeable regarding the history, culture and natural history of this area and particularly the marine life. Erick is a very experienced diver and we felt perfectly comfortable with his supervision of our snorkeling adventures. Lots of activities to choose from be it in or on the water or exploring the many small islands available. Did I mention the food was outstanding? I doubt there is another charter boat out there that serves fresh sourdough bread right from the galley. In short, a wonderful trip with exceptional crew.

-Paul (March 2023)

Fantastic week. When the kids cry because it's time to leave, you know the charter was good. The taste and variety of food was most impressive. Thank you Erick and Hannah.

-David (March 2023)

Our 6 day voyage in the Exumas with Hannah and Erick was truly exceptional. They are friendly, knowledgeable, competent and terrific chefs. The Exumas offer many opportunities to sail, snorkel, swim, kayak, fish, walk and just goof off. Erick and Hannah made sure we had ample opportunities to do all of the above. A great trip for adventurous travelers or families.

-Bob (March 2023)

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