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Life Aboard Bonnie Lynn

Living on the water is a special experience.  Not only are you able to travel to places that are inaccessible by land, but you also become intimate with your environment: the winds that carry you from place to place, the waters that keep your vessel afloat, the creatures that you share the ocean with.  Life becomes simpler, and as time goes on you realize that your biggest dilemmas become increasingly tangible: what are we going to eat today? Should I wear an extra layer in case the weather changes? Would I like to snorkel before or after lunch?


The social experience on a sailboat is also unique.  While we are fortunate that Bonnie Lynn was designed to offer privacy for everyone aboard, ultimately, we are sharing a 72-foot by 15-foot space.  Everyone will become “shipmates” by the end of your trip, which is a special bond unlike any other.  The friends and family members you choose to sail with are going to become your closest companions for the length of your stay.  Keep this in mind while planning for your trip.



What would you like to do today?  Every charter is customized to meet your personal interests.  Whether you are looking for an action-packed trip, or want the most relaxing vacation, the places we visit and onboard amenities provide you with endless options to choose from.



Sailing on Bonnie Lynn is fun for novices and professionals alike. Most days we sail for a few hours to get from one destination to another. For those who really love sailing, let's spend the day tacking around and see how many of the 11 sails we can set!



Whether your idea of exploring is seeking out a cool beach bar ashore, dinghy-ing with turtles through pristine mangroves, or finding treasures on the beach, we'll guide you there and help you find what you're looking for.



Want to stretch your legs on land? A New England charter has great hiking to offer in places such as Block Island and Maine.  In the Bahamas, there are dozens of islands that have meandering trails for all levels of hikers.


Kayaking & Sailing Dinghy



What is better than "simply messing about in boats"?  We carry two single kayaks and an 11-foot sailing dinghy aboard that you are welcome to use.  A great way to explore shorelines or develop your sailing skills.



Stretch out in one of the hammocks on deck, curl up with a good book or grab a float and enjoy the crystal clear water.  There is plenty of time to unwind and soak up the simplicity of life afloat.

Get underwater and experience incredible snorkeling and/or free diving in the Bahamas.  We carry masks, fins, and snorkels for all guests. Erick is a professional diver and is happy to introduce you to the underwater eco-system, while helping you improve your snorkeling skills.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

We take great pride and joy in providing fresh, healthy, and fulfilling meals for our guests.  With an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, we incorporate techniques and tastes from cooking regions around the world.  Prior to your charter, we will send out a thorough preference sheet for you to fill out that will help us prepare our menu according to your individual needs and preferences.

 All of our multi-day charters include three meals a day, plus unlimited snacks, daily happy hour nibbles & cocktails, and a standard ship's bar (local rum, beer, house wine, soft drinks).  We promise you will not go hungry or thirsty!  We are also happy to stock the bar with speciality liquors & wines at an additional cost.




Pan-seared sea bass with asparagus & purple rice

beet salad.jpeg

Beet-walnut & quinoa salads


Grilled lobster tails with saffron rice & ceasar salad


Fresh sourdough bread

rum cake platter_edited.jpg

Coconut-rum cake with fresh fruit & nuts

Sample Menus
Vegetarian and gluten-free menus are available.


served with freshly brewed coffee & tea,

fresh fruit and/or greens

Shakshuka - eggs poached in tomato-spice sauce

Lobster-mushroom omelette

"Holy Toast" - fried egg in homemade sourdough bread, bacon

German pancake, fruit compote & whipped cream

Bahamian fish stew

Coconut french toast with VT maple syrup


Mediterranean salad, homemade hummus & olive bread

Pasta tossed with sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, & mozzarella

Ratatouille, jasmine rice, fresh greens

Lobster or tuna salad on romaine & homemade sandwich bread

Kamut salad with roasted carrot, cranberries & toasted walnut


Mahi-mahi tacos with Bahamian peas & rice

Poached snapper in summer squash & tomato broth, farro risotto

Conch or black bean burgers on homemade buns

Grilled lobster tails, chipotle-lime butter, saffron rice, caesar salad

Lobster-pesto or caramelized onion-mushroom pizzas, tossed salad


served daily

Conch fritters

Spring rolls with boat-grown sprouts

Marinated herb cheese & crackers

Grouper fingers

Serrano ham & olives


Coconut bread pudding

Pineapple upside down cake

Fresh mango, vanilla ice cream

Lemon cheesecake bars

Baked bananas, melted chocolate, whipped cream


Passionfruit Hurricane


Bahama Mama

Ginger-Peach Razzmatazz

Wine spritzers

For seafood lovers...
We strive to personally catch most of the lobster, fish and conch that we serve onboard.
Can't get much fresher than this!

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